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Cleaning Hospital Room


Healthcare Cleaning Services

Specialized Healthcare Cleaning Services

Whether you work in an urgent care center, a specialized clinic, a non-profit, or hospital, you take every care and precaution to make sure your patients are as safe and healthy as possible. The Cleaning Group aims to take the stress out of maintaining a clean environment so you can focus on treating those in your care. Our staff don’t just offer the basics—they apply years of experience and specialized training to provide high-quality, eco-friendly healthcare cleaning services.

Simply wiping down surfaces isn’t enough—especially in the medical field. That’s why we hold our staff to the highest cleaning and business standards for our medical office cleaning services. Our team understands the difference between standard office janitorial services and the disinfection procedures required in a clinic or hospital.

Everyone who works within the scope of our Health Care Division must obtain certification through our unique Hospital/Medical Clinical Training Program. This includes training and examinations in the following categories:

  • Hospital-Grade Cleaning & Disinfecting in Typical & Specialized Facilities

  • Disinfecting Services

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Requirements

  • Applicable OSHA / JCAHO Codes

A More Eco-Friendly Way To Clean

Medical facilities serve dozens of people a day—people who may have allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. They shouldn’t be subjected to the smell of harsh cleaning chemicals. With our green cleaning solutions, they don’t have to. Our staff use a range of cleaning tools, including HEPA vacuums and UV-C sanitizing wands, to attack germs without attacking the senses.

Because our medical office cleaning services don’t leave any hazardous chemicals behind, they’re perfectly safe in facilities that tailor to pediatric and geriatric patients, those with breathing issues, and anyone else your clinic serves. We are happy to tailor our services to match your needs and schedule. Reach out to our team today.

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