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Your Hard Floor Care Needs Covered

The Cleaning Group is dedicated to providing innovative cleaning solutions for hard floors, including difficult tile and grout surfaces and high gloss, slip-resistant strip and wax services for Vinyl, Concrete, Tile (VCT), and Marble floors.

Your facility’s flooring surfaces are subject to tough wear and can be easily damaged. Most are protected with several thin coats of polymer or wax finish, providing a glossy, reflective coating that can be enhanced or restored with mechanical buffing. This film can wear out with time. To maintain the coating and the floor surface underneath, you need The Cleaning Groups' hard floor care services. Whether you use our services just once a quarter, or you would like to add these services onto your regular contract - we are able to provide what you need, when you need it!

Stripping And Wax / Finishing

Using fast-acting, deep penetrating chemicals that loosen and remove old finish and prepare the floor for recoating. 

After stripping, Stratus will provide an expert polymer-based finish forms a shield against traffic and soils which will makes maintenance easier, to provide you shine and beauty that becomes part of your internal décor.

Cleaning And Maintenance 

Regular cleaning enhances the appearance and increases the life of the finish. If you are contracted with us for regular cleaning services, you can expect the strip and wax to last. A clean floor is always easier to clean than a dirty one!

Different areas of a facility have different levels of traffic and wear. By combining burnishing or spray buffing with a thorough cleaning, you can enhance the appearance and increase the life of the finish.
Using state of the art technology, our unique cleaning methods tackle even the most difficult problem floors. The Cleaning Group has highly trained staff that utilize the latest equipment and products available and can solve any commercial cleaning job, leaving your floor spotless, slip-resistant, and hygienically clean.
Quality floor services add greatly to the overall aesthetics of your facility, often the first thing a potential customer will notice. Properly maintained floors keep your facility safe by preventing slip and fall accidents. A proper floor maintenance program also extends the life of your floor products, making for a wise investment. Contact The Cleaning Group today to find out how easy and affordable truly clean floors can be.

Hard Floor Care: Service
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